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wEEn 2017 06 06 brooklyn ny

Info hash3cde5f6c6dd302bed760466f70b3c80a11af0fbf


live at Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn, NY

01. The Stallion (pt. 1)
02. You fucked up
03. Transdermal Celebration
04. I gots a Weasel
05. The golden Eel
06. The Argus
07. Push th' little Daisies
08. Big Jilm
09. Roses are free
10. Did you see me?
11. Exactly where I'm at
12. Mutilated Lips
13. The H.I.V. Song
14. Spinal Meningitis (got me down)
15. Among his tribe
16. Piss up a rope
17. Pork Roll Egg and Cheese
18. Dr. Rock
19. Object
20. Buckingham Green
21. Happy Colored Marbles
22. Mr. Richard Smoker
23. Let's dance
24. Seconds
25. The Goin' gets tough from the Getgo
26. It's gonna be a long night
27. Someday

28. Encore break
29. Fiesta
30. The Mollusk

Source: Rode M5s> Tascam DR-60D
Lineage: SD> Audacity> FLAC

Taped and transferred by Moricle

Downloaded from, 2017-06-09. Uploaded on browntracker by mogo.
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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