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Ween 2017 06 07 Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn NY (2nd source)

Info hash4c728a7071def545fe850605509904044be57d20
Brooklyn Steel
Brooklyn, NY


01 Chocolate Town [1]
02 Tried and True [1]
03 Birthday Boy [1]
04 Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off My Brain [1]
05 Take Me Away
06 Fat Lenny
07 Cold and Wet
08 Boys Club
09 Nan
10 Gabrielle
11 Bananas and Blow
12 My Own Bare Hands
13 A Tear for Eddie
14 Licking the Palm for Guava >
15 Mushroom Festival in Hell
16 I Can't Put My Finger on It
17 Baby Bitch
18 Flutes of Chi
19 I Saw Gener Cryin? in His Sleep
20 I?ll Be Your Jonny on the Spot
21 Learnin? to Love
22 Deez Nuts
23 Polka Dot Tail
24 Over the Hills and Far Away tease [2]
25 Drifter in the Dark [2][3]
26 Powder Blue > [2]
27 Hey There Fancypants [2]


28 Encore
29 Don't Shit Where You Eat [1]
30 What Deaner Was Talkin? About [1]

[1] acoustic
[2] Dean on acoustic
[3] Gene on harmonica

Source Rode M5s > Tascam DR-60D
Lineage SD > Audacity > FLAC
Taped by Moricle
Transferred by Moricle
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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Size706.85 MB (741,189,766 bytes)
Added2017-06-10 07:14:31
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ween2017-06-07t07_Cold_and_Wet.flac8.68 MB
ween2017-06-07t28_Encore.flac17.67 MB
ween2017-06-07t05_Take_Me_Away.flac34.33 MB
ween2017-06-07t25_Drifter_in_the_Dark.flac26.28 MB
ween2017-06-07t13_A_Tear_for_Eddie.flac57.64 MB
ween2017-06-07t18_Flutes_of_Chi.flac24.24 MB
ween2017-06-07t17_Baby_Bitch.flac19.57 MB
ween2017-06-07t10_Gabrielle.flac21.16 MB
ween2017-06-07t01_Chocolate_Town.flac25.79 MB
ween2017-06-07t09_Nan.flac16.96 MB
ween2017-06-07t14_Licking_the_Palm_for_Guava.flac12.78 MB
ween2017-06-07t29_Dont_Shit_Where_You_Eat.flac19.36 MB
ween2017-06-07t16_I_Cant_Put_My_Finger_on_It.flac46.95 MB
ween2017-06-07t24_Over_the_Hills_and_Far_Away_tease.flac11.60 MB
ween2017-06-07t26_Powder_Blue.flac13.51 MB
ween2017-06-07t22_Deez_Nuts.flac14.43 MB
ween2017-06-07t21_Learnin_to_Love.flac19.18 MB
ween2017-06-07t08_Boys_Club.flac22.59 MB
ween2017-06-07t19_I_Saw_Gener_Cryin_in_His_Sleep.flac22.80 MB
ween2017-06-07t30_What_Deaner_Was_Talkin_About.flac13.76 MB
ween2017-06-07t12_My_Own_Bare_Hands.flac19.55 MB
ween2017-06-07t03_Birthday_Boy.flac22.13 MB
ween2017-06-07t27_Hey_There_Fancypants.flac12.45 MB
ween2017-06-07t02_Tried_and_True.flac23.78 MB
ween2017-06-07t20_Ill_Be_Your_Jonny_on_the_Spot.flac52.27 MB
ween2017-06-07t04_Help_Me_Scrape_the_Mucus_Off_My_Brain.flac23.12 MB
ween2017-06-07t15_Mushroom_Festival_in_Hell.flac27.06 MB
ween2017-06-07t23_Polka_Dot_Tail.flac35.22 MB
ween2017-06-07t06_Fat_Lenny.flac19.59 MB
ween2017-06-07t11_Bananas_and_Blow.flac22.41 MB
ween2017-06-07.txt0.89 kB
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