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Ween 2017 06 04 Baltimore, MD (3rd source)

Info hashb5d531242fa425032153f12f11b398e23730810c
June 4th, 2017
Pier Six Pavilion
Baltimore, MD


Source:  km 40 > 722 (24/96)
Location: ORTF, FOB, DFC
Transfer: 722 > Audacity (merge, dither, resample) > Wavelab (tracked, waves l3 ultra) > FLAC (lvl6)
Recorded by Melissa Fry

01. Intro
02. She Wanted to Leave
03. Buckingham Green
04. My Own Bare Hands
05. Let's Dance
06. Your Party
07. Voodoo Lady
08. Freedom of '76
09. Gabrielle
10. Boys Club
11. The Grobe
12. Japanese Cowboy
13. Puerto Rican Power
14. Frank
15. The Mollusk
16. Bananas and Blow
17. Tried & True *
18. Joppa Road *
19. Ocean Man +
20. Object
21. Zoloft
22. Learnin' to Love
23. Transdermal Celebration
24. Mutilated Lips
25. I'll Be Your Jonny on the Spot
26. Buenas Tardes Amigo


* Deaner acoustic
+ Gener mandolin

Special thanks to Tim Fraley for the rig loan and tips/direction #hometeam
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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ween2017-06-04d1t07_Voodoo_Lady.flac58.22 MB
ween2017-06-04d1t18_Joppa_Road.flac30.93 MB
ween2017-06-04d1t21_Zoloft.flac44.69 MB
ween2017-06-04d1t13_Puerto_Rican_Power.flac13.02 MB
ween2017-06-04d1t25_Ill_Be_Your_Jonny_on_the_Spot.flac79.96 MB
ween2017-06-04d1t17_Tried_and_True.flac23.87 MB
ween2017-06-04d1t11_The_Grobe.flac26.87 MB
ween2017-06-04d1t01_Intro.flac5.23 MB
ween2017-06-04d1t10_Boys_Club.flac21.81 MB
ween2017-06-04d1t22_Learnin_to_Love.flac17.69 MB
ween2017-06-04d1t26_Buenas_Tardes_Amigo.flac60.84 MB
ween2017-06-04d1t06_Your_Party.flac24.82 MB
ween2017-06-04d1t23_Transdermal_Celebration.flac34.73 MB
ween2017-06-04d1t20_Object.flac21.78 MB
ween2017-06-04d1t16_Bananas_and_Blow.flac27.43 MB
ween2017-06-04d1t05_Lets_Dance.flac29.34 MB
ween2017-06-04d1t09_Gabrielle.flac19.28 MB
ween2017-06-04d1t14_Frank.flac37.50 MB
ween2017-06-04d1t15_The_Mollusk.flac35.54 MB
ween2017-06-04d1t19_Ocean_Man.flac24.29 MB
ween2017-06-04d1t04_My_Own_Bare_Hands.flac19.44 MB
ween2017-06-04d1t12_Japanese_Cowboy.flac18.62 MB
ween2017-06-04d1t02_She_Wanted_to_Leave.flac15.86 MB
ween2017-06-04d1t08_Freedom_of_76.flac22.40 MB
ween2017-06-04d1t24_Mutilated_Lips.flac24.81 MB
ween2017-06-04d1t03_Buckingham_Green.flac23.91 MB
ween2017-06-04.txt0.83 kB
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