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Ween 2017 06 11 Boston (2nd source)

Info hashd46f644cddbd88c30810b8b0c80e5882cc293899
Blue Hills Bank Pavilion
Boston, MA

AKG CK61 Actives(DIN,FOB) > nBox > Sound Devices Mixpre-6 (24/48)
Wave > MacBook Pro > Sound Forge 2.5(Normalize,Fade,Track,Resample,Dither) > Flac(16/44.1)

Taped, Transferred & Seeded by Ted Gakidis

01 intro
02 Fiesta
03 banter/tuning
04 Nan
05 Transdermal Celebration
06 Boys Club
07 tuning
08 Gabrielle
09 Up on the Hill
10 I'm in the Mood to Move
11 Learnin' to Love
12 Ice Castles
13 The Golden Eel
14 Cover It With Gas and Set It on Fire
15 Back to Basom >
16 Awesome Sound
17 I'll Miss You*
18 Mutilated Lips
19 Dr. Rock
20 Put the Coke on my Dick
21 The Enabler
22 Springtheme
23 Monique the Freak
24 Fluffy
25 The HIV Song
26 Mister Richard Smoker
27 Sweet Texas Fire
28 The Stallion, Part 1 >
29 Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)
30 crowd
31 Homo Rainbow
32 There's a Pig
33 Sunday Morning Coming Down^
34 I'm Holding You
35 Sorry Charlie
36 You Were the Fool
37 outro#

* Gener solo
^ Deaner on vocals
# Deaner played a blue acoustic guitar for the entire encore, and then thoroughly smashed it to tiny bits over his amp
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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ween2017-06-11.ck61.nbox.mp6.d1t33.flac12.33 MB
ween2017-06-11.ck61.nbox.mp6.d1t25.flac11.11 MB
ween2017-06-11.ck61.nbox.mp6.d1t15.flac27.99 MB
ween2017-06-11.ck61.nbox.mp6.d1t04.flac17.66 MB
ween2017-06-11.ck61.nbox.mp6.d1t01.flac3.13 MB
ween2017-06-11.ck61.nbox.mp6.d1t06.flac19.62 MB
ween2017-06-11.ck61.nbox.mp6.d1t21.flac15.07 MB
ween2017-06-11.ck61.nbox.mp6.d1t32.flac15.22 MB
ween2017-06-11.ck61.nbox.mp6.d1t23.flac44.41 MB
ween2017-06-11.ck61.nbox.mp6.d1t12.flac14.82 MB
ween2017-06-11.ck61.nbox.mp6.d1t02.flac16.47 MB
ween2017-06-11.ck61.nbox.mp6.d1t19.flac20.77 MB
ween2017-06-11.ck61.nbox.mp6.d1t18.flac27.76 MB
ween2017-06-11.ck61.nbox.mp6.d1t05.flac27.09 MB
ween2017-06-11.ck61.nbox.mp6.d1t07.flac4.62 MB
ween2017-06-11.ck61.nbox.mp6.d1t34.flac22.18 MB
ween2017-06-11.ck61.nbox.mp6.d1t24.flac47.81 MB
ween2017-06-11.ck61.nbox.mp6.d1t31.flac19.44 MB
ween2017-06-11.ck61.nbox.mp6.d1t26.flac19.74 MB
ween2017-06-11.ck61.nbox.mp6.d1t11.flac17.87 MB
ween2017-06-11.ck61.nbox.mp6.d1t29.flac19.93 MB
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