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Ween 2017-09-28 San Francisco CA The Masonic Auditorium

Info hash43686692ae4644ccb413b3167143ffc6b1e2dc12
San Francisco CA
Masonic Auditorium

Recorded by Terrence Henry
Source: Zoom H4N
Location: Under SB Balcony

01 roses are free
02 push th' little daisies
03 what deaner was talking about
04 the mollusk
05 seconds
06 the stallion pt 1
07 captain fantasy
08 don't get 2 close (2 my fantasy)
09 puerto rican power
10 i play it off legit
11 beacon light
12 waving my dick in the wind
13 awesome sound
14 the argus
15 i got to put the hammer down
16 up on the hill
17 pandy fackler
18 object
19 cold blows the wind
20 polka dot tail
21 pumpin 4 the man
22 porkroll egg and cheese
23  baby bitch ***
24 stay forever
25 ocean man
26 i gots a weasel
27 wayne's pet youngin
28 tick
29 it's gonna be a long night
30 exactly where im at
31 big jilm
32 i can't put my finger on it

**** Gener Solo
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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Size737.42 MB (773,236,338 bytes)
Added2017-10-01 01:01:40
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Num files33 files
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28 Tick.flac13.99 MB
21 Pumpin 4 The Man.flac21.56 MB
18 Object.flac17.93 MB
27 Waynes Pet Youngin.flac9.95 MB
15 I Got To Put The Hammer Down.flac15.44 MB
26 I Gots A Weasel.flac9.65 MB
07 Captain Fantasy.flac18.26 MB
02 Push th' Little Daisies.flac16.24 MB
12 Waving My Dick In The Wind.flac14.47 MB
13 Awesome Sound.flac42.40 MB
30 Exactly Where Im At.flac22.30 MB
08 Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy).flac22.70 MB
14 The Argus.flac28.65 MB
31 Big Jilm.flac22.55 MB
11 Beacon Light.flac40.14 MB
22 Porkroll Egg And Cheese.flac17.10 MB
05 Seconds.flac13.41 MB
24 Stay Forever.flac21.19 MB
20 Polka Dot Tail.flac33.54 MB
32 ICPMFOI.flac41.21 MB
10 I Plat It Off Legit.flac37.62 MB
04 The Mollusk.flac18.90 MB
29 It's Gonna Be A Long Night.flac40.64 MB
09 Puerto Rican Power.flac15.59 MB
19 Cold Blows The Wind.flac25.68 MB
17 Pandy Fackler.flac44.14 MB
25 Ocean Man.flac15.00 MB
23 Baby Bitch.flac18.45 MB
06 The Stallion Pt 1.flac20.08 MB
16 Up On The Hill.flac9.36 MB
03 What Deaner Was Talking About.flac12.63 MB
01 Roses Are Free.flac36.65 MB
ween-2017-09-28.txt0.75 kB
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