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Ween Live at The Pageant on 2018-06-02

Info hasheb81b7a018156f7b419a4e010c1096d04dd663e4
The Pageant
St. Louis, MO.


Source: Neumann AK40> Sound Devices 722> Audacity> Flac
Location: FOB, DFC, DIN
Recorded, Remastered, Tracked, Uploaded by: Melissa Fry

01: Nan
02: Tick
03: I Gots A Weasel
04: Transdermal Celebration
05: Object
06: Pork Roll Egg and Cheese
07: Frank
08: Mollusk
09: Polka Dot Tail
10: The Goin' Gets Tough
11: Happy Colored Marbles
12: Tender Situation
13: Back to Basom
14: Golden Eel
15: Roses Are Free
16: The HIV Song
17: Boy's Club*
18: You Fucked Up
Encore 1:
19: She Fucks Me
20: The Stallion Pt. 1
21: Buckingham Green
Encore 2:
Never Squeal On The Pusher

*Deaner talk box solo
#bridge as the intro

Special thanks to Tim Fraley and Chris Cage for the rig loan and Sean MF Storts for the setlist    #hometeam #teamdirtysouth
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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