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Ween 2018-08-18 Troutdale OR Edgefield

Info hash5bbea73aaa7bf85b7da1223a7dc089de2fa3d63a
Description2018-08-18 Troutdale OR Edgefield
Taped by: Streamus
Source: Ripped Streamed Audio

Captain Fantasy,
She Fucks Me,
The Grobe,
Boy's Club,
Voodoo Lady,
With My Own Bare Hands,
The Stallion pt 3,
It's Gonna Be a Long Night,
Puerto Rican Power,
Licking the Palm For Guava>
Mushroom Festival in Hell,
Ice Castles,
A Tear For Eddie,
Pandy Fackler,
Roses Are Free,
Tried and True,
I Don't Want It,
Enter Sandman>
You Fucked Up>
Enter Sandman (reprise),
Kim Smoltz,
Demon Sweat,
The Mollusk

Squelch the Weasel,
Puffy Cloud,
Birthday Boy

- soundcheck: Powder Blue, I Don't Want It
- Dean on lead vocals for Pandy Fackler
- Gene on acoustic for Tried and True
- Gene on keys for Demon Sweat
- Gene and Dean only for encore
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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