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Ween 2018-08-18 Troutdale OR Edgefield (2nd source)

Info hash3fc4bdea86012a15cd35a3a216ef01f5a15a5431
DescriptionWeen-August 18, 2018-Edgefield-Troutdale, OR

Troutdale, OR
August 18, 2018

Source: Schoeps MSTC64 (ORTF) > Sound Devices MixPre-3 (24/48)
Location: SBD, DFC @ 11'

24/48 fileset.

Transfer: MP-3 > Apple Mac Mini > Audacity (trimming, normalizing, tracking, audience clapping reduction, tagging) > xAct v2.44 (FLAC) > Tag Editor.

Recording and mastering by Chris Hecht. Thanks to the artists for allowing us to record. Strictly for non-commercial use.

A Party Boat production in association with BigBlueTarp.

01. Captain Fantasy
02. Nan
03. She Fucks Me
04. The Grobe
05. Boys Club
06. Voodoo Lady
07. With My Own Bare Hands
08. The Stallion Pt. 3
09. Springtheme
10. It's Gonna Be a Long Night
11. Puerto Rican Power
12. Licking the Palm for Guava
13. Mushroom Festival in Hell
14. Ice Castles
15. A Tear for Eddie
16. Zoloft
17. Pandy Fackler
18. Roses Are Free
19. Tried and True
20. I Don't Want It
21. Enter Sandman
22. You Fucked Up
23. Kim Smoltz
24. Demon Sweat
25. The Mollusk

26. Squelch the Weasel
27. Puffy Cloud
28. Birthday Boy
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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