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Ween - Unbrowned Vol II (Acoustic Comp)

DownloadWeen - Unbrowned Vol II (2020).torrent
Info hashb93a04469b7d4080edfe6e71d61111bff461a68d
DescriptionA follow up to the compilation I released under a different username in 2008 (so long ago... simpler times).

Some of these tracks I've 'remastered' or edited. My aim was to get as close to a studio sounding compilation as possible, so chatter from radio sessions, speaking during tracks, and crowd noise from live tracks have been edited out. I've evened out the sound levels across tracks.

I've noticed my last compilation out and about online, and been uploaded to YouTube. If you're going to do this, I'd ask you keep the songs listed with "Unbrowned II" in the title, as I don't want them to be confused with the original bootlegs.

Stay Safe. Stay Brown. And look out for Unbrowned III, coming Summer 2032.

01 - Squelch The Little Weasel - VPRO Radio 1990
02 - Birthday Boy - WRDV Radio - Taken from Boognish Rising Thanksgiving 2014 Sampler
03 - She Fucks Me - Taken from Country Tour Sampler
04 - Baby Bitch - Demo - Taken from Boognish Rising Thanksgiving 2014 Sampler
05 - What Deaner Was Talking About - 1993 Peel Session.
06 - So long Jerry - Golden Country Greats 4 track demos
07 - You Were The Fool - Golden Country Greats 4 track demos
08 - Buckingham Green - 1993 Peel Session - Edited to remove additional speaking during song
09 - Back to Basom - White Pepper Demos
10 - Falling Out - White Pepper Demos
11 - Flutes of Chi - 2000 KACDM Session
12 - Lullaby - Piano & Vocals only - Vinyl rip, edited to remove "strings"
13 - Object - 2013 WNRN Session (Aaron Freeman & Joe Young) - Not 'Ween' but best acoustic version of the song I can find - Sound ripped from video. Remastered to get it sounding as good as possible.
14 - Silent Night - Taken from Boognish Rising 2013 Sampler.
TypeWeen Misc.
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06 - So Long Jerry (Unbrowned II).flac23.18 MB
02 - Birthday Boy (Unbrowned II).flac12.96 MB
03 - She Fucks Me (Unbrowned II).flac21.89 MB
04 - Baby Bitch (Unbrowned II).flac21.05 MB
05 - What Deaner Was Talking About (Unbrowned II).flac13.61 MB
01 - Squelch The Little Weasel (Unbrowned II).flac16.56 MB
07 - You Were The Fool (Unbrowned II).flac12.87 MB
08 - Buckingham Green (Unbrowned II).flac8.43 MB
09 - Back To Basom (Unbrowned II).flac20.61 MB
10 - Falling Out (Unbrowned II).flac14.36 MB
11 - Flutes Of The Chi (Unbrowned).flac17.64 MB
12 - Lullaby (Unbrowned II).flac7.82 MB
13 - Object (Unbrowned II).flac14.25 MB
14 - Silent Night (Unbrowned II).flac7.06 MB
Info.txt1.70 kB
Unbrowned II - Cover.jpg1.17 MB
Unbrowned II - Insert (Notes).jpg1.64 MB
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